Redirect Integration

This is the easiest and fastest way to integrate Paychant widget into your app. You can copy and edit the below example code to add a button or link to the Paychant widget directly into a page of your website or app.

target="_blank">Buy & Sell Crypto with Paychant</a>

Using the redirect integration

You can simply implement this integration by redirecting your user to and using the parameters needed to populate the user order details in the widget. Your user will be directed to the Paychant widget where their order will be pre-filled with the parameters that were passed through.

This method of approach is very straightforward, and it works great for desktop and mobile integrations - no additional work is required! All you have to do is add a link to your app.

You can set custom options for your integration, by adding them as query parameters in the URL.

More details on supported parameters and examples can be found here.

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