Api Keys

How do I get an API key?

The API key is a unique identifier that is assigned to you. This allows you to track usage and activities such as purchases and sales count made through your integration. To get an API key please kindly Fill out this form and one of our team will reach back to you in a few moments with the next steps. In case you need additional support or inquiry, please contact us at sales@paychant.com.

Adding an API key in your integration

The parameter name for the API key is partnerApiKey, its value type is a string, and it should be passed along with other parameters.

For Overlay Embed - (Javascript SDK)

new PaychantWidget({
  env: 'production',
  action: 'buy',
  partnerApiKey: [YOUR_PARTNER_API_KEY]'

For Redirect Integration

target="_blank">Buy & Sell Crypto with Paychant</a>

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