This doc contains how you can integrate the Paychant fiat on-and-off ramp widget into your app.
Paychant provides a regulatory-compliant fiat on/off-ramps payments infrastructure for wallets and dApps allowing their users in Africa to easily buy or sell digital assets using Africa's traditional payment methods, with support for over 100+ local banks, and 10+ mobile money wallets in Africa.
Paychant is the bridge that connects Africa's traditional finance to Web3.
With Paychant your African users will seamlessly move between fiat and crypto directly from your dApp or wallet.
We are happy to support you either as a new project or a large business looking for a fiat on-ramp or off-ramp to enter the African market, our product is designed to onboard Africans into the web3 world with a self-explanatory approach, the lowest fees, and a wide range of Africa's localized payment methods available directly from your wallet or dApp.
Paychant handles the process from the user's KYC, legal compliance, and the entire crypto and fiat flows. Our API integration can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Now let's jump right into it and get started.